Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre

Many authors I’m privileged to call friends write beautiful stories within a single genre. Words flow and tales spin depicting sci-fi romance, fantasy, suspense or crime, or sizzling paranormal romance full of dragons and shifters. I wrote five of the latter, and it’s a fun genre.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five!

But it’s not my true voice, and that’s interesting to me. I hear my voice in those books, but they feel one step removed from the truth. To be frank, I’m not sure I’ve written the book yet that is pure me. In the pipeline is “To Walk in the World“, a book that still grabs my gut after the (I stopped counting, but 20th seems reasonable) edit.

So I’m evolving my craft, and revving up my voice. Still to come are a trio of campy, free wheeling, humorous fantasy books, a gorgeous short story I’ll be offering as a freebie to my newsletter subscribers (If you aren’t one, please sign up) and a new literary fiction I just started that I’m loving to see what’s next.

Sometimes waves come in it different directions, and smash together. That’s me and my genres in a nutshell.

To Walk in the World is available here and here.

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