Pre Orders for To Walk in the World go live 3/31

When my fingers first hit the keyboard in late 2017 I had no idea the adventure ahead. This book morphed into a love letter to my mother, to myself, and to woman everywhere, ones who examined their lives and said: 

“I can be more. In fact, I’m called to change, and I have to answer.”

Looking back, this novel, an ambitious first attempt at literary fiction employing a parallel narrative, was pretty ballsy, and the first draft needed work. But the reality was, I needed to lay it aside, keep writing, and let it season. After publishing five books, I revisited this one, and fell in love all over again. After a thoughtful rewrite, and some wonderful advice from my editor, Jennie Rosenblum, “To Walk in the World” is ready to make you weep, yearn for better outcomes, and fist pump in redemption.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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Pre Orders for To Walk in the World go live 3/31

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