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“I plan to read the HELL out of this. It’s like Priscilla Queen of the Desert meets a best friend’s road trip movie meets a Simon Pegg film but like, weirder than any of them. It sounds super fun!!” — Eliza Sinclair, Author

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The Record a funny urban fantasy series by Winnie Winkle ©2022 all rights reserved

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Follow Cleopatra O’Keefe, a one-jigger juggernaut as she holds the line between the human and magical worlds, one cocktail at a time. Whether it’s a god in a speedo, a herd of fairies or someone new, Patra keeps the party, and the balance, going strong.

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Discover Haseya as she weighs the powers of a lifelong vow and a the call of love long denied. Alien ships and tornadic Djinns menace; a grudge and grace lay in the balance.

Or follow three besties as each man’s life does a 180, the world is in flux, and each must rise.

Literary fiction by Winnie Winkle ©2019 ©2021 by Winnie Winkle

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Experience stories wrapped around the truth that each woman finds her path through pain and determination, with a heavy dose of friendships, and an intention to honor herself. Female strength is multi-faceted. Lose yourself in each woman’s becoming.

Welcome to Winnie Winkle's World and her Tales of Seas and Stars
If curiosity kills the cat, make me feline, and bring me eight more inquisitive lives.

Books are a uniquely portable magic.

Welcome to Winnie Winkle's World and her Tales of Seas and Stars
Jump in, grab a book and a good cocktail , and lose yourself!

Welcome to Winnie’s magical worlds!

Snark reigns here, plus compassion, loyalty, fierce bullheadedness, and feisty fatalism. Also, bathroom boinking, shenanigans, and farting gods. Bring your inner nine-year-old to the party and cop a squat.

Life is divinely weird; join me in tales of seas and stars, and tons of inappropriate laugher!

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Winnie Winkle writes tales of seas and stars in Funny Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi Comedy, Paranormal and SciFi romance, and Literary Fiction genres. Many of her stories are Florida based, because she loves her weird-ass state.

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Welcome to Winnie Winkle's World
Welcome to Winnie Winkle's World
Welcome to Winnie Winkle's World