Campy Sci-Fi

Sometimes you just want something new, and Bongo & Delilah Break Daytona fits the bill. I’d written a Sci-Fi Romance for the wonderful anthology Pets In Space. 7, and inspiration tickled. SFR is a crowded field, but in my gut, I knew there was an audience for <cue booming announcer voice> Chicks–In–Spaaace.

Specifically, a pair of friends in their early 40s. They know each other’s secrets, where the bodies are buried, and remain firmly in touch with their inner 25 year-old selves.

They aren’t old, but the hangovers are worse. Seems colossally unfair,

I wrote their story. And laughed my self stupid. So here we are, standing on the edge of Earth’s first contact with a savvy green dude, a sarcastic, freshly divorced bitch, and a southern fried, tough as nails Barbie who’ll steal your heart. Drag queens, Elton John impersonators, and old school shrimp boats await.

Bongo & Delilah Break Daytona… and based on the riots? They did it well.

Buckle up. We are definitely not alone.

Bongo & Delilah Break Daytona by Winnie Winkle ©2022 All Rights Reserved
Available in paperback and eBook.

Bongo & Delilah Crash Cassadaga by Winnie Winkle ©2022 All Rights Reserved
Available in paperback and eBook

Available in paperback and eBook



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