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Ten Sips by Winnie Winkle ©2021 all rights reserved.

Not sure which book is the right one for your mood? Grab a free book copy of Ten Sips, a generous sampler from ten of my books, giving you a couple chapters to dive in and find out if that particular sea is the one for you.

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Included books: Boogie Beach, Salt Shaken, Speedo Down, To Walk in the World, Dancing with Silandia (full story), Messing Up Magic, Swimming for Air, Raining Magic, Broke in Magic, and Harpy Gumbo!

Lose yourself in the city with Janice, a driven, creative soul starving on the fringes of her artistic dream. Discover what happens when Bob, her caffeine savior, interrupts, intervenes, and damn near loses himself in her vortex.

Dancing with Silandia is a finely wrought short story of self, selfishness, and rising from despair.

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Dancing with Silandia by Winnie Winkle ©2019 all rights reserved.