Dancing with Silandia (Short Story)

Dancing with Silandia by Winnie Winkle ©2019


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The connection beckons, but the world won’t wait.

Janice, talented, hungry, and poised for more must choose. Stay in the city and figure out how to use her art to sustain her, or run from what her heart desires most. Love has become a bridge too far for her. Most days, survival is a stretch.

Bob pulls Janice from the literal brink, convincing her that jumping off the bridge he’s building isn’t the answer. An unlikely romance roots as two creatives strive to find balance in a city bold with movement. 

Two hearts call for one another while their gifts insist otherwise. Can they rescue their love when their passions pull them apart?

Dancing with Silandia by Winnie Winkle ©2019 all rights reserved.
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