Raining Magic, Messing Up Magic, Book 3

Released March 19, 2019

Pirro is back, and he’s bringing the Morducks to the party. Tashi, a Firebird, witnessed Pirro’s murdering spree. Horrified, she flies from Hawaii to warn the town of Magic.

Delighted, she realizes she’s found a home that lets her be wild, just as Pirro arrives to destroy the one place on Earth where magical people can be themselves, visible and free.  

And then there’s Zac… Tashi didn’t count on finding a sexy surfing warlock, and he can’t stop craving her fire. 

Is this the end of Magic, or can they have it all? 


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Review by Amazon reader Gina Ford

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Like sipping a mystical cocktail

I have been impatiently waiting to immerse myself once again into the captivating and magnetic world of Magic, New Mexico with Raining Magic. As someone who believes in soulmates and long lost fervid love, and as someone who is fascinated with other worldly curiosities and possibilities, the story is like sipping on a mystical cocktail…although it might be better described as guzzling since once I pick one of these books up, I can’t put it down.