Happy release day!

Launching a book is cathartic. All the months spent enmeshed in the process, finding the story, letting the characters speak, crafting the structure, and endless editing to improve, tighten, and get unnecessary words pruned so the light shines in full glory... it's an encompassing experience. I've likened it to birthing a baby, but that's an… Continue reading Happy release day!

“To Walk in the World” Cover Reveal!

"To Walk in the World" took its time becoming, but I'm so proud of this story. Well, stories, since from the onset, the novel became a parallel narrative. I love strong female characters, and exploring how strength reshapes after breaking felt important to explore. So after writing it, shelving it for a year, then approaching… Continue reading “To Walk in the World” Cover Reveal!

Snippet from Boogie Beach: The Record, Book 1

I owned and managed the Sun Dance Pier. Locals called it “The Boogie” but on the license it’s ‘Boogie Beach Crab Shack.’ At sixteen, I started waiting tables, then moved to the bar. Now, I was way past that, but I looked hot and saw the whole situation, so I’ve been the owner/manager for the… Continue reading Snippet from Boogie Beach: The Record, Book 1