Hello October, you Big Sexy Pie Man

I grew up in the MidWest, and fall is food. Just ridiculous amounts of wonderful stuff, like apples, homemade cinnamon donuts, hearty stews, savory soups, and the beginnings of pie season. Pie is simple-looking complexity. Pie season? Damn Skippy. Fall is fruit, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger. And makingContinue reading “Hello October, you Big Sexy Pie Man”

Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre

Many authors I’m privileged to call friends write beautiful stories within a single genre. Words flow and tales spin depicting sci-fi romance, fantasy, suspense or crime, or sizzling paranormal romance full of dragons and shifters. I wrote five of the latter, and it’s a fun genre. One, Two, Three, Four, Five! But it’s not myContinue reading “Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre”

Pre Orders for To Walk in the World go live 3/31

When my fingers first hit the keyboard in late 2017 I had no idea the adventure ahead. This book morphed into a love letter to my mother, to myself, and to woman everywhere, ones who examined their lives and said:  “I can be more. In fact, I’m called to change, and I have to answer.”Continue reading “Pre Orders for To Walk in the World go live 3/31”

“To Walk in the World” Cover Reveal!

“To Walk in the World” took its time becoming, but I’m so proud of this story. Well, stories, since from the onset, the novel became a parallel narrative. I love strong female characters, and understanding how strength reshapes after breaking felt important to explore. This cover, in the reveal below, captures a visual sense ofContinue reading ““To Walk in the World” Cover Reveal!”

New Release! To Walk in the World

Stepping out of your comfort zone is exhilarating. As a child, I remember staring at the tall steel jungle gym on my elementary playground, then beginning the climb. Breathless, high above the world, I gazed around at the other kids on the ground below as the sense of accomplishment blew through my chest. My newContinue reading “New Release! To Walk in the World”

Christmas, 2020 Style

On Facebook, a friend posted that this has been the worst year ever, Christmas won’t feel like Christmas, and asked if others felt the same. This got me thinking, because yes, 2020 was complicated, but not due to things I could control. For me, 2019 stacked more lessons, bruises, and pressure. I came into thatContinue reading “Christmas, 2020 Style”