Christmas, 2020 Style

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On Facebook, a friend posted that this has been the worst year ever, Christmas won’t feel like Christmas, and asked if others felt the same. This got me thinking, because yes, 2020 was complicated, but not due to things I could control. For me, 2019 stacked more lessons, bruises, and pressure.

I came into that year feeling that change loomed; to meet it, I had to push, and hard. So, while writing four books, I entered a major house remodel, culminating in putting it on the market, selling it in 9 days, and having to move to the beach on the eve of a hurricane. Did I mention that during the move I downsized from 2000 sq ft to 400? Oh, I also broke my toe so robustly it stuck out from the side of my foot like a fleshy letter ‘L’.

2019 was, well, interesting.

The thing about feeling called to change up your life, whether it’s a move, a new baby, or a radical shift in employment, is that it’s supposed to be uncomfortable. In fact, it’s within the discomfort that you signal the Universe that you’re ready. Growth gets tucked into the moments.

Including sitting on boxes filled with the bits of life I chose to keep, staring out the window at a stormy sea, and wondering if I just made the biggest mistake of my life. That was my 2019.

2020 is full of worry for friends, family and loved ones, wanting health for all, and drinking more than normal. It’s three more books, and the sense of shifting tides and times. I don’t know if being on the sea is grounding me, or if it’s a case of letting a horizon open my eyes, but I feel 2021’s potential.

Stay well, stay safe, and keep looking ahead. Peace.

Winnie Winkle author

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