This Pixie Prick has Wings!

Every book baby is different, and Pixie Prick has been surprising. Bumps happened where I never had them before, and other areas that were previously problematic sailed through like butter.  I suppose that’s why I feel so privileged to be an author.  Writing never stops evolving, so the opportunity to stretch is unending. As farContinue reading “This Pixie Prick has Wings!”

Welcome to the New World

Welcome to the new world and thanks to my readers for many things, but first, for their assist on choosing my new logo header. I use this primarily in my newsletter, but it also appears on the site. Readers also shared their preferences when it came time to selecting my new logo! Here it is:Continue reading “Welcome to the New World”

Hello October, you Big Sexy Pie Man

I grew up in the MidWest, and fall is food. Just ridiculous amounts of wonderful stuff, like apples, homemade cinnamon donuts, hearty stews, savory soups, and the beginnings of pie season. Pie is simple-looking complexity. Pie season? Damn Skippy. Fall is fruit, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger. And makingContinue reading “Hello October, you Big Sexy Pie Man”

Milestones and Highway Divides

Weddings are a time to reflect and grow, holding the past and embracing what’s next. I am both surprised at the speed of this change in my daughter’s life, and transported back to my own twenties. One thing I’m certain of, is that I am an observer, a privileged one, witnessing the beginning of herContinue reading “Milestones and Highway Divides”

September Ramblings

It’s time to plan for 2022. How many books to write? Conferences to attend? What long term goals fill the upcoming year? Which short term ones occupy the quarters?Taking stock keeps focus on the front burner. August, with its conferences and a book launch, wore me out. I sat with my goals and my brain,Continue reading “September Ramblings”

Peopling post-Covid and a free book opportunity!

As an elite author at the Orlando Reads Books conference, I sat panels, events, and a big signing. My first large scale event since 2019, and I felt rusty. Hell, I was rusty. I’d sat in my safe places and wrote five books, waiting for this virus to stop sickening and killing people I liked.Continue reading “Peopling post-Covid and a free book opportunity!”

B4R Bookstore features Winnie Winkle, and other news

I’ve discovered a new book retailer, and am excited to announce that B4R Bookstore now features Winnie Winkle. I’ve got a special deal for you to take advantage of, if you are looking to save a few bucks. I’ve listed my entire catalog of books on B4R, and you can purchase both paperbacks and ebooksContinue reading “B4R Bookstore features Winnie Winkle, and other news”

On the Road and in the World

Last Saturday we hit the road to eat good southern BBQ. explore, and check a few work related boxes. First stop was Alabama, to visit with striking mine workers; it was an eye opening experience. Their strike is based around how, when the mining company faced bankruptcy, the miners and other mine workers stepped up,Continue reading “On the Road and in the World”

Riding Storms and Other Musings

Writing books has flow and meaning. Lightning shivers my timbers, literally, since I live on a boat, in Florida, the lightning capital of the world. Storms, big ones, are a great way to disengage your ego and relax into your role as part of a greater whole. Once the big flashy stuff passes, the healingContinue reading “Riding Storms and Other Musings”

Family Time and Finding Balance

My Sweet Man’s grandson’s are here, and we’re afloat in the seas of family time and finding balance. Book launches, specifically Boogie Beach for me, and heavy lifting at work for him means this stolen weekend with these young men is a gratifying and needed break. Balance isn’t about measures, it’s not a fifty percentContinue reading “Family Time and Finding Balance”