Milestones and Highway Divides

Weddings are a time to reflect and grow, holding the past and embracing what’s next.

Winnie Winkle wedding pic 2021

I am both surprised at the speed of this change in my daughter’s life, and transported back to my own twenties. One thing I’m certain of, is that I am an observer, a privileged one, witnessing the beginning of her loving commitment.

It’s a bittersweet realization, but not a bitter one. I raised a strong woman, independent of mind and body. Now, she wields the tools and intellect to nurture a partnership, and herself, on a curiosity laden journey. I drift back into my own twenties, rooted in a sense of infallibility, and it makes me smile.

Life will come with lessons, but in those first two decades of adulthood, that’s often part of the fun. Finding success in new arenas, creating and meeting goals… or missing them but still improving, that’s a vibrant time of life. I’m excited for them both.

So I may be radio silent for the weekend, but stay tuned. This proud mama will share pics next week.

Weddings are a time to reflect and grow, but they are also a time of catapulting into new, captivating lives full of opportunity and growth. Perhaps that’s why so many of my peers confide they still feel like they’re in their twenties in their heads.

It rocked.

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