I’m Not Crying. Well, Actually…

Reviews matter, and I’ve shared why in other posts. But this one, for To Walk in the World, made me weep. The blogger, Julia Picks 1, got this book. All the way. And my heart is both joyful and reliving the toughest book I ever wrote.

Here’s her review:

The truth is that if we choose to be vulnerable and allow others in, much less love others, we will experience pain.  Especially when someone we love dearly dies.  Winkle has written a must-read for anyone, particularly women who have experienced a profound loss.  Writing about the loss of her mother does not limit the power of this novel to those experiencing the same loss, for Winkle makes it clear that loss is loss.  How does one move from the shock and pain to a life lived normally?   

This is at once a deeply spiritual read and a psychological journey into grief.  How can the world around you keep moving as usual when you feel like you are stuck, standing still, gasping for some relief from the hollowness inside?  Follow Winkle as she examines life and what makes it worth living.  The book is beautifully written as two different stories that begin the transformation that must occur to overcome the devastation of loss so that joy can take hold in its purest form.

I found this book to be truly soul-stretching and on point given the last year with losing a family member and so many friends and acquaintances to COVID.  I am thankful that I found this at such a low point in my life for it gave me a huge boost back into joy and happiness.  This is definitely the best novel dealing with grief I have ever read.

To Walk in the World, a captivating tale by Winnie Winkle

Verklempt is a word. It’ll do.

(Click the cover to learn more.)

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