I’m Not Crying. Well, Actually…

Reviews matter, and I’ve shared why in other posts. But this one, for To Walk in the World, made me weep. The blogger, Julia Picks 1, got this book. All the way. And my heart is both joyful and reliving the toughest book I ever wrote. Here’s her review: The truth is that if weContinue reading “I’m Not Crying. Well, Actually…”


This past weekend has been a bookend of several sorts. My daughter graduated college, and we traveled to beautiful Sarasota to celebrate her milestone. Her life is stopping and restarting in exciting ways as she heads into a gap year before pursuing her masters. She’s taking on the expenses and responsibilities of a young adultContinue reading “Beginnings”

Boogie Beach – new series almost ready to release!

A while back, I mentioned that writing in different genres gave me a way to stretch and find my voice. This past year, I’ve written a new series, and it’s a hoot! Set on a Florida beach, a bar on the intersection of the human and magical worlds is the scene for Cleopatra O’Keefe toContinue reading “Boogie Beach – new series almost ready to release!”