B4R Bookstore features Winnie Winkle, and other news

I’ve discovered a new book retailer, and am excited to announce that B4R Bookstore now features Winnie Winkle. I’ve got a special deal for you to take advantage of, if you are looking to save a few bucks.

I’ve listed my entire catalog of books on B4R, and you can purchase both paperbacks and ebooks there. Even better, if you purchase on of my paperbacks at B4R, you’ll receive a signed copy! Plus, you can use this coupon to save!

Winnie Winkle books at B4R Bookstore

Also, I’ve put Boogie Beach into the Humor category of a Read and Review program, which is a great way to read a free book! Here’s how it works. Check it out.

Patience in problem solving matters, and patience in writing, even to looming deadline boosts the quality of the craft.

My last blog post chronicled the start of a sweeping road trip, and after 2020, we were READY. The first week unfolded, Alabama, Memphis, Hot Springs, Memphis again, because it was so much fun, then Port Washington, WI, Milwaukee, and…

Elsa showed up.

We live on a boat. In Florida. Which is nowhere near Wisconsin, I don’t care how many delicious Spotted Cow beers you drink. And boats, in hurricanes, need to be tied correctly.

Patience left the building. For me, the highlight of the trip was about to happen, because the next stop was to visit my family in northern Illinois. I’ve missed them so much; in my mind I was already there. Elsa churned and we discussed, skirting the rare argument, and decided to drive on, get to farm, and then he’d fly home, tie a bunch of lines and wait for the storm to decide where it’s going to land.

I grew up in the Midwest. Public transportation, be it busses or trains, aren’t a big deal. To a native Floridian, the idea of riding a bus to Chicago and flying out of a packed O’Hare airport was a low appeal solution. I can only assume he pictured an old ratty Greyhound with nasty seats. But he loves me, so he agreed to do it.

Van Galder Bus is a decent company, and I kissed him by the steps of a nice coach bus and sent him to the Windy City. I retreated to the family, wrote to meet my deadline for Speedo Down. (Be sure to check out the cover, it’s a corker!) Editing like it’s an olympic sport, I delivered it to my editor on time, and flopped, exhausted, into the truck for the long ride home. We stopped in Murfreesboro, and made good time on the second leg. Falling into our bed on the boat was sweet indeed.

Patience helped us remain loving in disagreement, and helped Speedo Down take shape into a funny, fast paced read. Remember, Salt Shaken is available on Pre-order now, and releases on July 21, 2021. I’ll add the B4R link as soon as it’s live!

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