Writings and Deadlines, Oh My!

Writing is my job. In my beefy little 2022 planner, four books lurk. I’m deciding, amongst the dozens of other plates I’m juggling, how 2022 will look. Where are the months when my hair is on fire? Which ones have a getaway tucked into their folds? If confessing, I’m not the poster child for selfContinue reading “Writings and Deadlines, Oh My!”

Reviews are Basically Crack for Authors

Creatives thrive on feedback and for authors that means reviews. No point in sugarcoating it, a good review makes an author glow. A reader loved the book, finished the book, and wants more. It’s the trifecta of months (or years) of effort. Recently, a reader posted this review of Salt Shaken on Amazon, and yeah,Continue reading “Reviews are Basically Crack for Authors”

B4R Bookstore features Winnie Winkle, and other news

I’ve discovered a new book retailer, and am excited to announce that B4R Bookstore now features Winnie Winkle. I’ve got a special deal for you to take advantage of, if you are looking to save a few bucks. I’ve listed my entire catalog of books on B4R, and you can purchase both paperbacks and ebooksContinue reading “B4R Bookstore features Winnie Winkle, and other news”