On the Road and in the World

Last Saturday we hit the road to eat good southern BBQ. explore, and check a few work related boxes.

First stop was Alabama, to visit with striking mine workers; it was an eye opening experience. Their strike is based around how, when the mining company faced bankruptcy, the miners and other mine workers stepped up, took big pay cuts, gave up holiday pay, health care, and worked longer hours with no overtime pay. Their sacrifice worked and the company pulled back from the brink. Saving the company saved all the jobs, of course, but once the cash started flowing, the company didn’t take care of its employees, returning the wages and benefits, instead pocketing hundreds of millions, and paying the management huge bonuses. One worker shared that a low tier manager received $30,000.

I learned a lot, and hold a great deal of respect for these striking men and women. We also visited the memorial for the 13 miners killed in and explosion and collapse.

Our next stop was Memphis and the ribs, oh, my goodness, those ribs. Add a smokin’ hot 6 piece band with a horn section, and it was a high flavor night.

Picture by Winnie Winkle author of Boogie Beach
Blues City Cafe in Memphis

Then we scooted south to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where I’m writing this morning, fresh off a wonderful retirement party filled with dedicated labor state presidents from all across the south. Hard working, politically astute, it was an interesting night of conversation and camaraderie. Today, we hit the Rib Cage, a permanent food truck parked less than a mile from the hotel. They open at 11 and sell out fast, so fingers crossed we hit the road to eat good southern BBQ on time. This afternoon we head back to Memphis, and hopefully another night of fantastic music.

We’ve got more states to visit, and more Q to chew. See you next post!

Happy Summer Reading!

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