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Winnie Winkle author of Boogie. Beach, Slat Shaken, and Speedo Down four books published

Good grief, it’s not even August, four books published, and my brain is mush. You’d think, after three decades in Florida, I’d schedule publishing for the cool days of February, but nope.

If you want a snarky beach read, you want one when you’re actually on.the.beach. So, Boogie Beach, Salt Shaken, and the upcoming Speedo Down are ready! Well, Speedo Down releases August 16th, but pre-orders are almost there! Check your newsletter for links!

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Don’t forget, paperbacks lovers, visit my B4R store page to order my books and you’ll get one that’s signed!

Now, if you don’t mind, me and my overworked Yeti Cup are off in search of ice and a quench-fest and a little celebration…. Four books published! Cheers!

See you at on Boogie Beach!

Winnie Winkle Boogie Beach four books published

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