Behind the scenes of Pixie Prick

Writing a book could be formulaic, but behind the scenes of Pixie Prick, it was anything but. It all started with an elephant. No, not the kind you eat one bite at a time, and definitely not the 8000 pound one in the room. It was worse. It was the unscratchable itch of curiosity, theContinue reading “Behind the scenes of Pixie Prick”

Anticipation and other Dangerous Things

Why do we tell ourselves stories? I’m as guilty as the next person. When it comes to future events, I get excited, and on the heels of that excitement rides expectations, with disappointment riding shotgun. We’re drawn to books, films and videos that pull us out of our lives, and it’s pretty damn hard toContinue reading “Anticipation and other Dangerous Things”

Writings and Deadlines, Oh My!

Writing is my job. In my beefy little 2022 planner, four books lurk. I’m deciding, amongst the dozens of other plates I’m juggling, how 2022 will look. Where are the months when my hair is on fire? Which ones have a getaway tucked into their folds? If confessing, I’m not the poster child for selfContinue reading “Writings and Deadlines, Oh My!”

Romer’s Candle – New November Release

I’m working on a new paranormal romance called Romer’s Candle, which is Book 3 of the Broke in Magic series. I’s been a long time in the hopper, mostly because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with Romer. He’s complicated. Broke in Magic is a trilogy about three besties, Jasper, Wellie and Romer,Continue reading “Romer’s Candle – New November Release”

Summer Insanity and other Melty Things

Good grief, it’s not even August, four books published, and my brain is mush. You’d think, after three decades in Florida, I’d schedule publishing for the cool days of February, but nope. If you want a snarky beach read, you want one when you’re actually on.the.beach. So, Boogie Beach, Salt Shaken, and the upcoming SpeedoContinue reading “Summer Insanity and other Melty Things”

Riding Storms and Other Musings

Writing books has flow and meaning. Lightning shivers my timbers, literally, since I live on a boat, in Florida, the lightning capital of the world. Storms, big ones, are a great way to disengage your ego and relax into your role as part of a greater whole. Once the big flashy stuff passes, the healingContinue reading “Riding Storms and Other Musings”

Summer Celebration Countdown to Launch: Boogie Beach in 5…4…3..

I can’t believe it’s 5 days until the Boogie Beach launch on June 21st. The world slips from one season to the next it’s time to celebrate summer with the ultimate beach read! (click here for ordering options) Today I uploaded Salt Shaken, Book 2 in this series for pre-order, and that cover reveal isContinue reading “Summer Celebration Countdown to Launch: Boogie Beach in 5…4…3..”

Marketing is Hard, and Other Things to Wine About

Self publishing, then marketing, is hard. The learning curve, in my case, requires wine, grousing, and an occasional frustrated stomp to the kitchen for nibbles. Mastering new skills, especially learning marketing on platforms that constantly change, is definitely on my list of things to wine about. That said, the best thing about wine… is friends!Continue reading “Marketing is Hard, and Other Things to Wine About”


In my life I’ve worn several, some with greater aplomb than others. Party girl was a good fit. Motherhood was one that stayed the longest, but I’ve worked an oddball lot of jobs, starting out drilling bowling balls for the JCPenney sporting goods department before moving upstairs to run their old school printing press (placingContinue reading “Hats”

Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre

Many authors I’m privileged to call friends write beautiful stories within a single genre. Words flow and tales spin depicting sci-fi romance, fantasy, suspense or crime, or sizzling paranormal romance full of dragons and shifters. I wrote five of the latter, and it’s a fun genre. One, Two, Three, Four, Five! But it’s not myContinue reading “Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre”