Adventure Time!

When my kids were small we were junkies for the Adventure Time show. Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and their post apocalyptic shenanigans were a hoot and we loved them. Adventure takes many forms, some grand, some internal, but embracing adventure is accepting change as your norm. It's choosing to diverge from safe and… Continue reading Adventure Time!

Musings, Writing

Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre

Many authors I'm privileged to call friends write beautiful stories within a single genre. Words flow and tales spin depicting sci-fi romance, fantasy, suspense or crime, or sizzling paranormal romance full of dragons and shifters. I wrote five of the latter, and it's a fun genre. One, Two, Three, Four, Five! But it's not my… Continue reading Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre


Looking to the Rise and New Releases

I'm a sunrise person, I always have been. Sunsets are wonderful, and I've wound many a day down watching the sun slip away, alone or with loved ones, and the moments resonate, but there is an intangible sense that accompanies the rise, the seduction of potential, of possibility, that calls my spirit. When I decided… Continue reading Looking to the Rise and New Releases

Winnie Winkle Author or PNR and humorous fantasy

New Year 2021, New Ways

Standing on the edge of New Year 2021, 2020 still intrudes. 2020 was complicated. Scary. It demanded flexibility. Upending to many, terminal to some. 2020 did not care if you were ready, if you wanted change, or whether you had plans. Inside the chaos, lives flourished, relationships changed, patterns were broken. Art was created by… Continue reading New Year 2021, New Ways

Winnie Winkle author

Christmas, 2020 Style

On Facebook, a friend posted that this has been the worst year ever, Christmas won't feel like Christmas, and asked if others felt the same. This got me thinking, because yes, 2020 was complicated, but not due to things I could control. For me, 2019 stacked more lessons, bruises, and pressure. I came into that… Continue reading Christmas, 2020 Style