Morning Musings: Writing, Coffee, and Oddities

Coffee and I go way back. Spending an early morning musing over life’s oddities is an integral part of accepting another crack, in the form of a sunrise, at life. In taking a pause before the day grows hectic, I get a smidge of time for myself and that micro centering sets me up to tackle whatever busyness the world deems important. Often, what I believe matters is tangentially different.

I exited the corporate world with little fanfare in 2017 and decided to write a book. I finished one, a feat in itself, and let that grammatical hot mess live in the cloud. What grew clear from that experiment was that I was an author. So I made a great alliance with a successful author, S.E. Smith, and she gave me an opportunity to write into her world, learn about indie publishing, and far more important, hone my craft by publishing actual books. The sprint was on and five books found a life in 14 months. Exhilarated and exhausted, I took a musing break, in the form of many cups of coffee on my balcony, and parsed my life going forward.

Welcome to Boogie Beach. Humorous fantasy wasn’t what I set out to write, but damn if I can’t do it well. I love this series, and it’s going to fly, I can feel it. Check out you next favorite funny fantasy, Florida style, here on Amazon, and here everywhere else.

Boogie Beach: The Record Book 1 by Winnie Winkle
To Walk in the World: Twin Tales of Inception by Winnie Winkle

As for that first book, I returned to my roots, pulled it apart and rewrote the entire thing. After all, six books later I’d learned a thing or six, and sent out to the Universe. To Walk in the World is a thing of beauty and it’s here on Amazon, and here everywhere else.

Smith paved the way to open opportunities for other authors as well, and three released on June 8th. Talent abounds in her world, so enjoy these fun romantic reads. Buying info here.

The Worlds of Magic New Mexico S.E. Smith Evelyn Lederman Tianna Xander Jody Wallace New Release Winnie Winkle Morning Musings: Writing, Coffee, and Oddities

I’m grateful for the twists and turns of the past four years. As unreal as it sounds, my ninth book releases this August, and who knows, I might pen one for Magic New Mexico for a November release. We’ll see how the creative writing musings flow, along with the coffee and oddities.

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