Adventure Time!

When my kids were small we were junkies for the Adventure Time show. Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and their post apocalyptic shenanigans were a hoot and we loved them.

Adventure takes many forms, some grand, some internal, but embracing adventure is accepting change as your norm. It’s choosing to diverge from safe and predictable.

Divergence means separation, it implies a growing distance. This morning’s muse is how good this is for the soul. Sameness stultifies, it’s living your life in tar. The stickiness builds up, slowing your feet. You don’t see what is missing when you can’t get there to decide if that chance is the one you’ve dreamed of taking.

This is not a poke at committing to a path, a person, or a life. I am grateful to know many people living vibrant lives full of commitment and love. In those lives they continue to learn, try new things, and they keep it joyful. It’s a good way to live a big life.

What I’m driving at is the substitution of fear, or exchanging growth for security, or closing your heart after being hurt, these all stick to your feet and slow your soul. “Why not” is a valid question. It’s probably lifted more people out of their personal tar pit than any other.

Aventure time

If I hadn’t quit my job, I’d have never written, then published a book. Having just released my 6th book, with three more coming this year, if I hadn’t leapt, my feet would still be stuck. When you can, leap into your dream; it’s why you’re here.

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