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I’m a sunrise person, I always have been. Sunsets are wonderful, and I’ve wound many a day down watching the sun slip away, alone or with loved ones, and the moments resonate, but there is an intangible sense that accompanies the rise, the seduction of potential, of possibility, that calls my spirit.

When I decided to move to the beach, my only requirement was to be able to see the ocean from my abode. I knew this meant I’d be downsizing to a tiny space, but to see the sun, uninterrupted, raced in my blood. The insistent call to be present, to be ready for next, loomed larger than any other consideration.

Taking leaps like that aren’t simple or easy, but they cast aside rules, and within them, you are living.

Rise when it’s your time. Recommend 10/10.

Winnie Winkle author of Paranormal Romance, Humorous Fantasy and Literary Fiction

(Watch for Boogie Beach: The Record, Book 1 for Spring/Summer 2021)

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Winnie Winkle is a fabulous Central Florida broad who swills bourbon, likes dogs and cats, and practices yoga, but not with any degree of grace. Supporting live local music is a pretty big deal to Winnie, so if you pass a gravestone that admonishes, 'Go see the band and hit the tip jar', it's probably hers. But, since she's not dead yet, she'll keep penning fun stuff to rock your reading chair A 30 plus year Florida resident, she splits her time between Daytona Beach Shores and the Mount Dora areas. She prefers writing beach-side as much as she can because, if we’re baring our souls here, the ocean is a mighty muse and one can only expect so much from coffee. Winnie is most active on Facebook, so come say hello!

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