The Forever Book: Salt Shaken

I started writing the second book in the Boogie Beach series, Salt Shaken with the intention to release in July 2020, but I hit a wall. The lockdown, the unfolding pandemic, and the stress of trying to be safe while living in a country that couldn’t seem to put on a mask left me too stressed to work. To release in July was not happening.

So the book dragged on. And on. Normally I can get a 60,000 word story cranked out in a few months, but not this one, at least, not during the weirdest year of my life. But in January of 2021, I finished “Salt Shaken”. Yesterday I completed the edit. Now I’ve got a fast paced, humorous fantasy ready to go to my editor for polishing and it feels like I just typed “The End” on 2020. Salt Shaken is now scheduled to release in July… of 2021!

So for 2021, I’m rooted in perseverance, and in hope. Time to write Book 3.

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