New Funny Fantasy book release and cover reveal!

Boogie Beach, a funny fantasy is a blast to read; fast paced, well written, and snarky… and this new series release brings the laughs! For my readers here on, check out this sneak peek at the new cover! Two bars, one magical and one human, lie in the exact same space. That should work.Continue reading “New Funny Fantasy book release and cover reveal!”

Boogie Beach – new series almost ready to release!

A while back, I mentioned that writing in different genres gave me a way to stretch and find my voice. This past year, I’ve written a new series, and it’s a hoot! Set on a Florida beach, a bar on the intersection of the human and magical worlds is the scene for Cleopatra O’Keefe toContinue reading “Boogie Beach – new series almost ready to release!”

The Forever Book: Salt Shaken

I started writing the second book in the Boogie Beach series, Salt Shaken with the intention to release in July 2020, but I hit a wall. The lockdown, the unfolding pandemic, and the stress of trying to be safe while living in a country that couldn’t seem to put on a mask left me tooContinue reading “The Forever Book: Salt Shaken”

New Year 2021, New Ways

Standing on the edge of New Year 2021, 2020 still intrudes. 2020 was complicated. Scary. It demanded flexibility. Upending to many, terminal to some. 2020 did not care if you were ready, if you wanted change, or whether you had plans. Inside the chaos, lives flourished, relationships changed, patterns were broken. Art was created byContinue reading “New Year 2021, New Ways”

Snippet from Boogie Beach: The Record, Book 1

Author note: These humorous fantasy books begin releasing in June, 2021! I owned and managed the Sun Dance Pier. Locals called it “The Boogie” but on the license it’s ‘Boogie Beach Crab Shack.’ At sixteen, I started waiting tables, then moved to the bar. Now, I was way past that, but I looked hot andContinue reading “Snippet from Boogie Beach: The Record, Book 1”