September Ramblings

It’s time to plan for 2022. How many books to write? Conferences to attend? What long term goals fill the upcoming year? Which short term ones occupy the quarters?Taking stock keeps focus on the front burner.

August, with its conferences and a book launch, wore me out. I sat with my goals and my brain, ever helpful, supplied mush.

We craft the pressure in our lives, then bemoan it. I took a couple of weekends off, started a book and let the creative drive the car for awhile. Writing is my passion; marketing is the job, and the mechanism to allow passion to move into new spaces. The love/meh relationship is one shared by many indie authors. I’ve decided in 2022 one of my long term goals is to improve my attitude about marketing. I’m going to spend time in those shoes; might as well sashay in a pair I like.

Winnie Winkle It's time to plan for 2022 shoes post

Now that my kids are grown, September isn’t the onslaught of crazy it used to be, but it’s still sweltering, the promise of October’s break in the heat a full month away. Hibernating in the A/C, It’s time to plan for 2022. Since I write in multiple genres, I’d like to hear from you!

What books would you love to see releasing next year?

Drop a comment, send me an email, or visit me on Facebook. I’m filling my planner and I want to hear from readers!

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  1. My former boss at the advertising agency told me, when we talked about the next project: Figure out how much time you think it will take, then times that by three. Build your project quote around that.

    He also said, about being an artist (crafting words is an art!): Three things to remember – you can’t avoid marketing, you can’t avoid marketing, and you can’t avoid marketing.


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