Boogie Beach for 99 cents!

Hey cool cats, I’ve got a super rare treat… Boogie Beach for 99 cents! It’s a five day 99 cent promotion on Boogie Beach: The Record, Book 1. Starting Nov 1st, you can go to Amazon, Google Play or any major ebook retailer and get your ebook copy of Boogie Beach for 5$ off regularContinue reading “Boogie Beach for 99 cents!”

September Ramblings

It’s time to plan for 2022. How many books to write? Conferences to attend? What long term goals fill the upcoming year? Which short term ones occupy the quarters?Taking stock keeps focus on the front burner. August, with its conferences and a book launch, wore me out. I sat with my goals and my brain,Continue reading “September Ramblings”

Boogie Beach – new series almost ready to release!

A while back, I mentioned that writing in different genres gave me a way to stretch and find my voice. This past year, I’ve written a new series, and it’s a hoot! Set on a Florida beach, a bar on the intersection of the human and magical worlds is the scene for Cleopatra O’Keefe toContinue reading “Boogie Beach – new series almost ready to release!”