Peopling post-Covid and a free book opportunity!

As an elite author at the Orlando Reads Books conference, I sat panels, events, and a big signing. My first large scale event since 2019, and I felt rusty. Hell, I was rusty. I’d sat in my safe places and wrote five books, waiting for this virus to stop sickening and killing people I liked. The books came out great, and finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. A conference, a careful one, but still… READERS!

I’ve missed readers. Hearing about my stories through their eyes is special. Heart string strumming time. A hootenanny of love and excitement about characters. Dorky? Sure. True nonetheless.

But the freight train I never saw coming was that little monster called introvert anxiety. I wanted to be there. I was excited to see people! Being asked to share my opinion on a topic from an author’s viewpoint on panels? Yes, yes, YES!

“Perhaps not,” said my tummy. “It’s very peopley here. I’m going to clench and make you uncomfortable. I’ll be over here feeling anxious.”

Great. That’s a terrible idea, Tummy.

Oh, I managed. I drank water. I breathed. And I talked! On my panels, to my readers, and to new ones interested in my latest series. Boogie Beach sold well. It was a long, people-filled, exciting weekend.

Winnie Winkle at Orlando Reads Books 2021

So, while getting the wonderful chance to be an elite author at Orlando Reads Books was fantastic, it had a couple of weird side roads. Remember to be OK with easing back into surrounding yourself with people, many who also feel anxious. It’s been an 18 month slog. Be kind to your tummies.

I have an FREE ‘advance review copy’, or ARC up at Booksprout. If you have time to read before September 10th and enjoy leaving Amazon reviews, please check it out. Copies are limited.

Peace and good books!

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