Writings and Deadlines, Oh My!

Writing is my job. In my beefy little 2022 planner, four books lurk. I’m deciding, amongst the dozens of other plates I’m juggling, how 2022 will look. Where are the months when my hair is on fire? Which ones have a getaway tucked into their folds? If confessing, I’m not the poster child for selfContinue reading “Writings and Deadlines, Oh My!”


In my life I’ve worn several, some with greater aplomb than others. Party girl was a good fit. Motherhood was one that stayed the longest, but I’ve worked an oddball lot of jobs, starting out drilling bowling balls for the JCPenney sporting goods department before moving upstairs to run their old school printing press (placingContinue reading “Hats”

Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre

Many authors I’m privileged to call friends write beautiful stories within a single genre. Words flow and tales spin depicting sci-fi romance, fantasy, suspense or crime, or sizzling paranormal romance full of dragons and shifters. I wrote five of the latter, and it’s a fun genre. One, Two, Three, Four, Five! But it’s not myContinue reading “Sea Changes: Author craft, stories and genre”