Milestones and Highway Divides

Weddings are a time to reflect and grow, holding the past and embracing what's next. I am both surprised at the speed of this change in my daughter's life, and transported back to my own twenties. One thing I'm certain of, is that I am an observer, a privileged one, witnessing the beginning of her… Continue reading Milestones and Highway Divides

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Romer’s Candle – New November Release

I'm working on a new paranormal romance called Romer's Candle, which is Book 3 of the Broke in Magic series. I's been a long time in the hopper, mostly because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with Romer. He's complicated. Broke in Magic is a trilogy about three besties, Jasper, Wellie and Romer,… Continue reading Romer’s Candle – New November Release

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Reviews are Basically Crack for Authors

Creatives thrive on feedback and for authors that means reviews. No point in sugarcoating it, a good review makes an author glow. A reader loved the book, finished the book, and wants more. It's the trifecta of months (or years) of effort. Recently, a reader posted this review of Salt Shaken on Amazon, and yeah,… Continue reading Reviews are Basically Crack for Authors


September Ramblings

It's time to plan for 2022. How many books to write? Conferences to attend? What long term goals fill the upcoming year? Which short term ones occupy the quarters?Taking stock keeps focus on the front burner. August, with its conferences and a book launch, wore me out. I sat with my goals and my brain,… Continue reading September Ramblings

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Peopling post-Covid and a free book opportunity!

As an elite author at the Orlando Reads Books conference, I sat panels, events, and a big signing. My first large scale event since 2019, and I felt rusty. Hell, I was rusty. I'd sat in my safe places and wrote five books, waiting for this virus to stop sickening and killing people I liked.… Continue reading Peopling post-Covid and a free book opportunity!

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Live at a beach near you, Speedo Down!

My new release, Speedo Down, is live on Apple, Amazon, and all other major retailers! Book 3 of the record is a super snarky fast paced romp, just what the sticky days of August need. Speedo Down: The Record, Book 3 I had a handle on things, then the dragons showed up. On the average… Continue reading Live at a beach near you, Speedo Down!

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Summer Insanity and other Melty Things

Good grief, it's not even August, four books published, and my brain is mush. You'd think, after three decades in Florida, I'd schedule publishing for the cool days of February, but nope. If you want a snarky beach read, you want one when you're actually on.the.beach. So, Boogie Beach, Salt Shaken, and the upcoming Speedo… Continue reading Summer Insanity and other Melty Things