Romer’s Candle now on Pre-order!

Yippee! I’m excited! Finally, book three of this trilogy is preparing to launch, and it’s such a wonderful story! The cover is groovy, too!

Romer's Candle by Winnie Winkle
book three of this trilogy

Pre-order on Amazon here, and as Apple and others go live I’ll be updating the book’s page here on the site.

In a world torn between darkness and light, can love survive?

Metamorphosis. The muse restored his life and Romer’s guardian abilities exploded. At least, that’s what the wings seem to be saying. He’s drawn to the gorgeous newcomer, Zoelle, but his extreme light is attracting dark magic of all sorts into Magic, New Mexico, just in time for Christmas.

Zoelle, a talented forest witch, never trusted her heart or the light, preferring to hoodwink from the shadows. Her connection to Romer forces choices, but she isn’t ready to cede control over her body or how she wields her gifts.

Dark magicals flood the town, turning townspeople against each other. Is Romer the key or the curse? Forsaken by his neighbors but determined to protect them all, he struggles with his love for the darkening Zoelle. Can he save both, or must he release his beloved to sinister forces, lost forever?

Discover what happens when a genuinely good man is called to an extraordinary task.

Catch book three of this trilogy today!

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