Anticipation and other Dangerous Things

Why do we tell ourselves stories? I’m as guilty as the next person. When it comes to future events, I get excited, and on the heels of that excitement rides expectations, with disappointment riding shotgun. We’re drawn to books, films and videos that pull us out of our lives, and it’s pretty damn hard to not turn around and tell ourselves a story about an event without embellishment. After all, ‘it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling’, right?

Romer's Candle by Winnie Winkle

Which is a wry high five to our imaginations, the inevitable, eternal ‘what if?’ that fuels our day dreams, the moments when we space out riding in the car, or wandering from a reality we like to give a a good scrub. a fresh coat of paint, and face the world from a newer vantage point.

Maybe I’ll meet someone new at Kylie’s wedding. If I get this job, I can travel. If I just lose ten pounds… or if I land in the right place at the right time… It goes on and on.

As an author, I dwell in the land of ‘what if’ most of the time. My work life is set to carnival music. Not a bad gig. Not a super lucrative one, either, but I’m happy about the former and working hard on the latter. To that end, my ten book is set to publish November 16th. Two days! I’m feeling both blessed and exhausted.

We tell ourselves stories. The lucky few, and I count myself among them, tell stories to the world.

Romer’s Candle is on preorder now, and you’ll get yours on Tuesday. Put magic in your hands.

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