Sunday Snippet

Romer’s Candle drops this Tuesday! Here’s a snip to whet your whistle.

Trini, hunched over her cocktail, stared at Jasper, mesmerized by the red in his eyes. 

“I hadn’t noticed that before,” she mumbled to herself.

“It’s because the dark pulls me.” Jasper slid a fresh drink to a troll holding down the back edge of the bar.

“I’ll say,” the troll added. “My wife locked me out of the house, said I’m acting crazy.”

“Wellie and I are fighting too,” Trini said sadly. “These are strange cravings. An anger, a need to fight, to let blood loose. I haven’t felt this malevolent in decades.”

“It’s because you’re seeing pieces of your nature elevate, Trini. I’m fighting them too.” Jasper leaned against the bar back.

Two vampires Trini did not know pulled stools out on either side of her and sat uncomfortably close.

“Alone, lovely, and unprotected. How… delightful.”

Jasper eyed the troll and mouthed, “Twenty bucks.” 

The troll gave him a thumbs up as one vamp ran a hand along Trini’s spine.

“Stop it. I’m married.”

“We don’t care darling, we’re just looking for a good time.”

“And a quick bite,” the second one snapped his teeth together. 

Trini slid off her stool, trying to put distance between them, but the vamps moved with her. 

“An eager one, my favorite kind,” purred the first vamp.

Trini’s face elongated, and her sharp beak snapped off the vamp’s ear, landing with a splat on the bar’s wooden floor. 

Massive wings flashed out and Trini rose as the vampires took wing, zipping around her body and attempting to bite. In an instant, it was over, a limp vamp flapping in each one of Trini’s taloned feet. 

The troll slid the twenty across the bar.“Best show in town.”

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