The Best Thing about Monday is Tuesday!

It’s almost time for two new releases in the The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico. Going live tomorrow, November 16th!

Two new releases in the Magic New Mexico world. Romer's Candle by Winnie Winkle

To the uninitiated, Magic is a town filled with folks with unusual abilities. Shenanigans, alien invasions, and plenty of love abound. If you haven’t sunk your teeth into a paranormal romance, now is the time to see what you’ve missed!

Time to fill up your eReader with two new stories out today in The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico! 

Magical Enchantment by Evelyn Lederman. 

His soul mate would prefer to kill him than talk to him. 

Romer’s Candle: Broke In Magic, Book 3 by Winnie Winkle. 

Healing. Purpose. Sacrifice. A genuinely good man, an extraordinary task, and a love he can’t deny are bound by an impossible choice. Is there a way out? 

The two new releases in The Worlds of Magic, New Mexicos are available for download here.

Broke In Magic and Harpy Gumbo are the first two books in the Broke in Magic series, which tells the tales of three best friends whose lives do a 180 once they arrive in Magic. Everything they knew, even their perceptions of who they are, is upended, violently and completely. Discover what happens when good men are called to extraordinary action; can they save the women they love? Get the series here.

Published by Winnie Winkle

Winnie Winkle is a fabulous Central Florida broad who swills bourbon, likes dogs and cats, and practices yoga, but not with any degree of grace. Supporting live local music is a pretty big deal to Winnie, so if you pass a gravestone that admonishes, 'Go see the band and hit the tip jar', it's probably hers. But, since she's not dead yet, she'll keep penning fun stuff to rock your reading chair A 30 plus year Florida resident, she splits her time between Daytona Beach Shores and the Mount Dora areas. She prefers writing beach-side as much as she can because, if we’re baring our souls here, the ocean is a mighty muse and one can only expect so much from coffee. Winnie is most active on Facebook, so come say hello!

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