September Ramblings

It's time to plan for 2022. How many books to write? Conferences to attend? What long term goals fill the upcoming year? Which short term ones occupy the quarters?Taking stock keeps focus on the front burner. August, with its conferences and a book launch, wore me out. I sat with my goals and my brain,… Continue reading September Ramblings

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Peopling post-Covid and a free book opportunity!

As an elite author at the Orlando Reads Books conference, I sat panels, events, and a big signing. My first large scale event since 2019, and I felt rusty. Hell, I was rusty. I'd sat in my safe places and wrote five books, waiting for this virus to stop sickening and killing people I liked.… Continue reading Peopling post-Covid and a free book opportunity!

Book releases

I Did a Thing! Check out the All Books tab!

Like anything else, over time what seemed like a great idea doesn't age well... which is how my new All Books tab came to be. I wanted a place to showcase all my books, and while readers who are drawn to specific genres like the ability to narrow down what they seek, some visitors want… Continue reading I Did a Thing! Check out the All Books tab!

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To Walk in the World now available in paperback!

"To Walk in the World" is now available in paperback. If you're old school like me, holding a book and falling away to revel is one of life's great joys. This story took a while to sculpt. 2017 feels like ages ago; in a way, it is. When I lost my mother, the grief was… Continue reading To Walk in the World now available in paperback!


Adventure Time!

When my kids were small we were junkies for the Adventure Time show. Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and their post apocalyptic shenanigans were a hoot and we loved them. Adventure takes many forms, some grand, some internal, but embracing adventure is accepting change as your norm. It's choosing to diverge from safe and… Continue reading Adventure Time!

Book releases, Reviews

Wonderful Reviews <3 for To Walk in the World

To Walk in the World is getting wonderful reviews, and I'm dancing! Take a look: Few moments are as frustrating as writing, editing, agonizing and finally publishing a book just to have an immediate review that pans it. It hurts. Especially when you aren't certain they even read it. Trolls live under author's bridges, too.… Continue reading Wonderful Reviews

Book releases

Happy Launch Day for “To Walk in the World”!

Launching a book is cathartic. All the months spent enmeshed in To Walk in the World, finding the story, letting the characters speak, crafting the structure, and endless editing to improve, tighten, and get unnecessary words pruned so the light shines in full glory... it's an encompassing experience. Today is a happy day, indeed. I've… Continue reading Happy Launch Day for “To Walk in the World”!