In my life I’ve worn several, some with greater aplomb than others. Party girl was a good fit. Motherhood was one that stayed the longest, but I’ve worked an oddball lot of jobs, starting out drilling bowling balls for the JCPenney sporting goods department before moving upstairs to run their old school printing press (placing one letter at a time). I worked in offices, for direct mail companies, did some bookkeeping, was an aide for the US government, and worked in sales for a couple of educational technology companies. Along the way, I built skills and odd talents, but mostly, I acquired life.

Writers should work in weird nooks and dusty corners, but also in busy, over lit offices and shiny conference rooms. It’s how you learn to choose the word that sets the tone, flavors the emotion, and gives the reader the sense of being in the moment with your characters.

So, here’s to hats. May you wear many, and wear them well.

P.S. Don’t forget your Freebie!

P.P.S. Go grab “To Walk in the World”. My email is blowing up with happy fans.

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