Summer Celebration Countdown to Launch: Boogie Beach in 5…4…3..

I can’t believe it’s 5 days until the Boogie Beach launch on June 21st. The world slips from one season to the next it’s time to celebrate summer with the ultimate beach read! (click here for ordering options)

Today I uploaded Salt Shaken, Book 2 in this series for pre-order, and that cover reveal is coming soon! I’ll also be updating that page with an excerpt and the back cover bits. Melody Simmons makes beautiful covers, and I’m grateful for our collaboration over the past few years.

As I’ve published more, I’ve learned a lot, but like most things worth investing time to master, taking some classes helps. I got lucky and found Narelle Todd and her Signature Get My Book Out There solutions, and my three launches this summer are starting from an entirely new position of knowledge and marketing strength.

It changed my game. If you are ready to build your brand, check them out.

Bringing Boogie Beach down the final stretch to launch was a ton of fun, and by far the most organized launch I’ve executed, thanks to Narelle. Hello, summer, and hello snarky beach reads!

Let’s do this.

Boogie Beach by Winnie Winkle launches June 21, 2021
Let’s Boogie!

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