I Did a Thing! Check out the All Books tab!

Like anything else, over time what seemed like a great idea doesn’t age well… which is how my new All Books tab came to be.

I wanted a place to showcase all my books, and while readers who are drawn to specific genres like the ability to narrow down what they seek, some visitors want it all in one place. Thus, the All Books tab. Click a book cover and you’ll go straight to that page. I’m excited, with all the launches coming this summer, to have a better structure. Housekeeping helps.

Screen shot of the all books tab on wwinkle.com by Winnie Winkle

Watch for Boogie Beach, 6/21, Salt Shaken, 7/21, and Speedo Down, 8/16.

If you haven’t checked out To Walk in the World please do. My emails are full of love for this tale of renewal.

I’ve been accepted as an attending author at Books at the Beach in Clearwater. October 21-24, 2021. Mark your calendars, it sounds like an amazing event with tons of reader activities and the author list is impressive. It’s an honor to be included with this amazing roster. Tickets are here.

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