Happy Launch Day for “To Walk in the World”!

Launching a book is cathartic. All the months spent enmeshed in To Walk in the World, finding the story, letting the characters speak, crafting the structure, and endless editing to improve, tighten, and get unnecessary words pruned so the light shines in full glory… it’s an encompassing experience. Today is a happy day, indeed.

I’ve likened launching a book to birthing a baby, but that’s an imperfect metaphor. A story is a time capsule, and it reflects an osmosis of craft, one’s place in life, and which emotions the author chose to meet that moment. Each piece becomes an intrinsic part of the voice of that story. Written, it returns those emotions to the world, via the reader, and sends the connection outward, reader by reader, soul by soul, impression by impression until the circle curves to the beginning.

“To Walk in the World” is my first foray into literary fiction, but it won’t be the last. It’s an addictive, honest writing that speaks deep and true. I hope you enjoy this book. After my final, probably twentieth edit, it still brought tears to my eyes. I cannot help but love this part of my journey, both as an author and as a human.

Real is hard to beat.


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