Welcome to the New World

Welcome to the new world and thanks to my readers for many things, but first, for their assist on choosing my new logo header. I use this primarily in my newsletter, but it also appears on the site. Readers also shared their preferences when it came time to selecting my new logo! Here it is:Continue reading “Welcome to the New World”

Cha Cha (Excerpt from To Walk in the World)

Excerpt from To Walk in the World The house was old, and she loved that part. Undiscovered charm hid under layers of paint, wallpaper, paint on wallpaper over plaster, yikes, plus various home improvement attempts arrayed on a scale of WTF to WOW, and a vibe.  God, what a vibe!  When she walked onto theContinue reading “Cha Cha (Excerpt from To Walk in the World)”

Happy Launch Day for “To Walk in the World”!

Launching a book is cathartic. All the months spent enmeshed in To Walk in the World, finding the story, letting the characters speak, crafting the structure, and endless editing to improve, tighten, and get unnecessary words pruned so the light shines in full glory… it’s an encompassing experience. Today is a happy day, indeed. I’veContinue reading “Happy Launch Day for “To Walk in the World”!”