Are you ready to get Funkin’ Weird?

Funkin’ Weird is more than a believable title. From ARC reader Leslie: “Mind blown with all the twists and turns!”

Book 5 sets up the big questions as Cleopatra O’Keefe rounds the corner and faces her future. Who can she trust? Why are immortals dying? She’s at another crossroads, and it’s shading weird.

The magical world is losing it. Scared? Check. Resolved? Check. Plan is place? Eh, probably not, but it’s go time.

Funkin' Weird by Winnie Winkle ©2022
Funkin’ Weird: The Record, Book 5 by Winnie Winkle ©2022

Here’s a snippet!


“Cleopatra, it’s wake up time.”

Poseidon’s spectacular red-clad package swam into view and I realized I’d passed out in a balcony chair, surrounded by books on the end tables, floor, chaise, and my lap. Marathon session. 


“We’re going to visit Gaia. Are you ready?”

I assumed he’d go on this one alone, but enjoying me squirm under her gaze was far more entertaining, and Red liked his laughs. Plus, I asked for the conversation. Blerg. With a sigh that I hoped was silent, I stood up and padded to the bathroom to fix my hair and whatever else that I could repair in ninety seconds.

Prognosis, grim. F*ck it. 

“OK, let’s go.” I snagged a waist sack, adding a quill, plume, ink, and the journal, ready to record any information the Mother of Creation cared to share. Well, anything that wasn’t a bitch about my impertinence. I’d done that entry. At length. No need to belabor.

Poseidon rummaged in the fridge, grabbing a ziplock of leftover cooked bacon. He never fried less than two pounds at a time. Bacon was his happy place. Which was a crowded place, because bacon. I raised an eyebrow.

“A peace offering.” 

If Red thought bribing the creator of pigs with a half dozen slices of their bellies was a great idea, I was rethinking my agreement to tag along for the ride. He could hang without me, basking in her ire. With a booming laugh, he threw an arm around me and we faded.


Grab Funkin’ Weird: The Record, Book 5 here!

Want to start at the beginning? Grab the series here.

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