This Pixie Prick has Wings!

Every book baby is different, and Pixie Prick has been surprising. Bumps happened where I never had them before, and other areas that were previously problematic sailed through like butter.  I suppose that’s why I feel so privileged to be an author.  Writing never stops evolving, so the opportunity to stretch is unending. As farContinue reading “This Pixie Prick has Wings!”

Morning Musings: Writing, Coffee, and Oddities

Coffee and I go way back. Spending an early morning musing over life’s oddities is an integral part of accepting another crack, in the form of a sunrise, at life. In taking a pause before the day grows hectic, I get a smidge of time for myself and that micro centering sets me up toContinue reading “Morning Musings: Writing, Coffee, and Oddities”

To Walk in the World now available in paperback!

“To Walk in the World” is now available in paperback. If you’re old school like me, holding a book and falling away to revel is one of life’s great joys. This story took a while to sculpt. 2017 feels like ages ago; in a way, it is. When I lost my mother, the grief wasContinue reading “To Walk in the World now available in paperback!”