Welcome to the Super Secret Freebie Page (Week 4)!

Did you miss Week 1? Click HERE to see the goods and download any or all the posters! (Week 2 is HERE and Week 3 is HERE..)

First up, a new short story! Growing up, I read a ton of 60s and 70s style sci-fi and spy stories. A little kitsch, a little cleverness, and peppered with a twinge of poignant yet jaded nostalgia. The stark good vs. evil backdrop of the 40s and 50s gave way to veneer of hopeless bravado. I hope I caught that in Allorian Tales. Grab your copy HERE.

Check out six more posters for The Record!

We’re up to Book 4, Pixie Prick. The pixies are jerks, and their leader… he’s got rejection issues. This book’s cover is probably my favorite of the series, and in the writing, Reg’s attitude took time to fine tune but the story’s twists and turns are a hoot. Click any poster to download.

Thanks so much! Happy holidays, peace, and good books. See you January 5th!

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