Welcome to the Super Secret Freebie Page (Week 3)!

Did you miss Week 1? Click HERE to see the goods and download any or all the posters! (And Week 2 is HERE.)

First up, Gift Taps for SciFi fans! Check out these one of a kind gift tags from the Bongo & Delilah Break Daytona. Click the image below to see the 16 unique tags and download your set. These are hosted on BookFunnel… no need to provide any information, just click and enjoy!

Winnie Winkle Gift tags for subscribers

Check out six more posters for The Record!

These feature characters from Book 3, Speedo Down. The dragons take center stage in this one and Campe…. whew! Visualizing a character then bringing them to life in a graphic was a ton of fun! Do you have a favorite?

Thanks so much! See you December 22nd!