How to Trash a Boat

Ready for BOBASE!

Gearing up for a conference and keeping everything ship shape aren’t always a happy co-existence… welcome to How to Trash a Boat 101!

But I’m ready, looking forward to learning to belly dance, have a blast with readers and check out that fabulous Jacksonville skyline. It’s spring, and books galore await.

And the boat can be tidied.

Next week.

Hope to see you in Jax for Book Obsessed Babes!

Messing Up Magic? Yes, Please!

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Messing Up Magic, Yes Please! promo Winnie Winkle

There’s always a price to pay…

For Haseya, that price means a life of celibacy. A Navajo Skinwalker Witch, her gift of healing forbids her from loving a man intent on pain and destruction.

For Zayn, the price means a life of anger and loneliness. A Djinn, he is torn by the need to seek vengeance.

Zayn will do anything to protect Haseya. When hostile aliens searching for shifters arrive in Magic, New Mexico, he is willing to unleash any force to save the woman he loves and the town under siege that needs him—but will the price of protecting those he loves drive a wedge between him and the beautiful witch he is destined to love forever?

Pixie Prick is zipping to the top!

Wow! I’m blown away by the traffic to this series, and to the amazing response… Pixie Prick is zipping to the top!

Pixie Prick is zipping to the topPixie Prick: The Record, Book 4 by Winnie Winkle

I’m a fan too! Of readers that is… And this email made my heart skip. “I love, love, love this series! Each book, I think that’s got to be the end, what else could happen, and then BAM! Cleopatra rides again. Please keep going. These books are so funny and real and creative. I want to head to the Boogey myself!”

Thanks so much, Patricia. Emails like yours make writing and publishing feel like the best job on the planet! Thanks for helping to keep Pixie Prick zooming to the top!!!

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This Pixie Prick has Wings!

Every book baby is different, and Pixie Prick has been surprising. Bumps happened where I never had them before, and other areas that were previously problematic sailed through like butter. 

I suppose that’s why I feel so privileged to be an author. 

Writing never stops evolving, so the opportunity to stretch is unending. As far as I want to push, I can. Think about it; there are no ideas off the table, and any variety of approaches are mine to tackle. I’m better at some than others (you won’t find me winning any poetry contests) but the act of writing is a self-dare to try. 


As for the fruition, during the birth of each book the ship’s wheel spins in my hands. I set those courses, lean into new winds, and learn as waves swamp and breeze grows fickle. All of the experience is real, and I’m prone to filling the air with blue clouds of frustrated cussing while deep in the learning curve, but with each book’s release I find fairer winds and seas more inclined to follow.

Readers, within this analogy you are those seas. Your eyes seek my book’s horizons, and each email, review, and conversation about what you discovered in the pages are buoys of continuance. 

Being an author is a privilege, but having invested readers is the joy within the work. For you, with sincere gratitude, I offer Pixie Prick: The Record, Book 4

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Behind the scenes of Pixie Prick

Writing a book could be formulaic, but behind the scenes of Pixie Prick, it was anything but. It all started with an elephant. No, not the kind you eat one bite at a time, and definitely not the 8000 pound one in the room. It was worse. It was the unscratchable itch of curiosity, the insistent tug of characters clamoring for birth. It was this guy.

Agastya for Pixie Prick by Winnie Winkle.

What could I do with an expressive face like that? Poignant, wise, elegant, long-suffering, this big guy needed a venue. So, I dug in, trying to figure him out. He was a feature in the World’s Fair in Paris in 1889, and at it’s conclusion he took up residence…

In a bar? Oh boy. My type of story to a T.

Or an E.

Either way, I was all in and writing, knitting this Parisian story to my current day fantasy series, also set in a bar, into a tale of trust, betrayal and redemption, with a fat handful of love and pachyderm load of snark.

So from the Moulin Rouge to the Boogie Beach Crab Shack, the threads pulled tighter. Toss in a vindictive pixie king, a passel of talented witches ready to rumble, and a smattering of gods, shifters, and pissed off humans, and you’ve got Patra’s problem: one colossal Pixie Prick has gotta go.

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Welcome to the New World

Welcome to the new world and thanks to my readers for many things, but first, for their assist on choosing my new logo header. I use this primarily in my newsletter, but it also appears on the site.

Winnie Winkle My Blog Welcome to the New World
Tales of Seas and Stars

Readers also shared their preferences when it came time to selecting my new logo! Here it is:

Winnie Winkle logo ©2022 My blog Welcome to the New World
Love the motion in the ocean!

Because I write in three genres, I wanted to create a site reflective of qualities my readers share, and shy away from a look that enticed some while disenfranchising others. My readers love well crafted plots, interesting characters, unpredictable twists, and honest dialogue, whether internal or blasting out into the bar.

Strong female characters, quick witted, genuine, fallible, prone to a feisty fatalism that helps them square their shoulders and wade into the pile… there’s no room for wishy-washy here. I want to finish a first draft scene fist pumping with a audible “hell yeah”. If I’m doing that, I’m writing the kind of story my readers love. Whether it’s a romance full of magical attributes, a hilarious fantasy, or a serious story, my female main characters are BA.

If you’re new, welcome. Join the newsletter and the fun. If you’ve been with me for the long haul, I’m grateful for you. Pixie Prick releases the end of this month, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of Cleopatra O’Keefe’s latest shenanigan.

In the meantime, welcome to the new world, and Slainte’!

Pixie Prick by Winnie Winkle March 17 2022 pre order my blog Welcome to the New World
Pixie Prick: The Record, Book 4 on pre-order March 17th

Live and Flying High

Romer’s Candle is live! Are you ready to discover what happens when a genuinely good man is called to an impossible choice?

Discover what happens when a genuinely good man is called to an extraordinary task in Romer's Candle

Three friends drawn to by a magical call to a town in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico find themselves facing a complete upheaval of their lives and sense of self. Who are you, when you aren’t you anymore? What happens when the life you carefully crafted for almost 30 years blows apart and the people trying to help are, well, witches? Or trolls? How about a dragon with an attitude?

Not your typical Tuesday.

In Broke In Magic, Jasper learns a terrifying truth. His dad’s a demon, and he’s coming for Jasper. Meanwhile, Jasper falls hard for Melia, the one person in town tasked with killing him.

Harpy Gumbo finds Wellie, home in New Orleans for a visit, discovering his one in Trini. She’s damaged by trauma and unable to trust. She’s also, literally, built for murder. Can he survive her, let alone love her?

How to Buy Romer’s Candle:

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Discover what happens when a genuinely good man is called to an extraordinary task.

Or, get the whole series here!

Are you an avid reader of The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico? Click here to see all today’s new releases!

The Worlds of Magic New Mexico new releases Winnie Winkle

The Best Thing about Monday is Tuesday!

It’s almost time for two new releases in the The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico. Going live tomorrow, November 16th!

Two new releases in the Magic New Mexico world. Romer's Candle by Winnie Winkle

To the uninitiated, Magic is a town filled with folks with unusual abilities. Shenanigans, alien invasions, and plenty of love abound. If you haven’t sunk your teeth into a paranormal romance, now is the time to see what you’ve missed!

Time to fill up your eReader with two new stories out today in The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico! 

Magical Enchantment by Evelyn Lederman. 

His soul mate would prefer to kill him than talk to him. 

Romer’s Candle: Broke In Magic, Book 3 by Winnie Winkle. 

Healing. Purpose. Sacrifice. A genuinely good man, an extraordinary task, and a love he can’t deny are bound by an impossible choice. Is there a way out? 

The two new releases in The Worlds of Magic, New Mexicos are available for download here.

Broke In Magic and Harpy Gumbo are the first two books in the Broke in Magic series, which tells the tales of three best friends whose lives do a 180 once they arrive in Magic. Everything they knew, even their perceptions of who they are, is upended, violently and completely. Discover what happens when good men are called to extraordinary action; can they save the women they love? Get the series here.

Sunday Snippet

Romer’s Candle drops this Tuesday! Here’s a snip to whet your whistle.

Trini, hunched over her cocktail, stared at Jasper, mesmerized by the red in his eyes. 

“I hadn’t noticed that before,” she mumbled to herself.

“It’s because the dark pulls me.” Jasper slid a fresh drink to a troll holding down the back edge of the bar.

“I’ll say,” the troll added. “My wife locked me out of the house, said I’m acting crazy.”

“Wellie and I are fighting too,” Trini said sadly. “These are strange cravings. An anger, a need to fight, to let blood loose. I haven’t felt this malevolent in decades.”

“It’s because you’re seeing pieces of your nature elevate, Trini. I’m fighting them too.” Jasper leaned against the bar back.

Two vampires Trini did not know pulled stools out on either side of her and sat uncomfortably close.

“Alone, lovely, and unprotected. How… delightful.”

Jasper eyed the troll and mouthed, “Twenty bucks.” 

The troll gave him a thumbs up as one vamp ran a hand along Trini’s spine.

“Stop it. I’m married.”

“We don’t care darling, we’re just looking for a good time.”

“And a quick bite,” the second one snapped his teeth together. 

Trini slid off her stool, trying to put distance between them, but the vamps moved with her. 

“An eager one, my favorite kind,” purred the first vamp.

Trini’s face elongated, and her sharp beak snapped off the vamp’s ear, landing with a splat on the bar’s wooden floor. 

Massive wings flashed out and Trini rose as the vampires took wing, zipping around her body and attempting to bite. In an instant, it was over, a limp vamp flapping in each one of Trini’s taloned feet. 

The troll slid the twenty across the bar.“Best show in town.”

Romer's Candle by Winnie Winkle

How to Buy:

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Discover what happens when a genuinely good man is called to an extraordinary task.

On preorder now, but Romer’s Candle drops this Tuesday!