Literary Fiction

In hindsight, I’m not sure what I expected when I began these stories. Have you ever been in a situation, at a keen loss for words, yet expected to say… something? The sense of standing by, lost in the emptiness of a platitude, tugged my heart. I wondered, how many people stare into the abyss of a life continuing without a beloved soul, and lose it?

Or struggle so hard that priorities slip? So determined not to slide though a city’s grates and become one more unknown in a too vast sea named ‘almost made it’, that you end up turning your back on the best bits of life’s table.

These are my literary fiction efforts to capture, long after the fact, the words that linger in love and redemption.

Literary fiction. To Walk in the World Twin Tales of Inception by Winnie Winkle ©2021 all rights reserved.
Available in paperback and eBook

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