Funny Urban Fantasy

How did I land in funny urban fantasy storytelling? Glad you asked. After writing five romances, I happened to meet author M.D. Cooper, who writes hard sci-fi space operas, and one thing she said stuck with me. “I wanted to explore a complete character, how they rise to meet a situation, and how what they experienced changes them.”

Zeus on a stripper pole, I was HOOKED. Write books about an imperfect main character and watch her grow? Yes, please. Space Opera? Not my talent. Bartender at a pier bar full of magic, anomalies, and the downright weird, funky, and fun? Now we’re talking. I love authors like Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and T.J. Klune, whose imaginations shape humorous fantasy.

The Record chronicles the efforts of Cleopatra O’Keefe as she wades into world-bending. Her weapons? A balls to the wall library, a talking book, and guts. Hilarity? Check. Snark? Double check. Gods in speedos, pelican shifters, wolves so scary you’ll piss your pants, and witches changing it up in a snap? Yup, yup, yup, and damn skippy.

Grab your beverage of choice, and let’s hit Boogie Beach!

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