This Pixie Prick has Wings!

Every book baby is different, and Pixie Prick has been surprising. Bumps happened where I never had them before, and other areas that were previously problematic sailed through like butter. 

I suppose that’s why I feel so privileged to be an author. 

Writing never stops evolving, so the opportunity to stretch is unending. As far as I want to push, I can. Think about it; there are no ideas off the table, and any variety of approaches are mine to tackle. I’m better at some than others (you won’t find me winning any poetry contests) but the act of writing is a self-dare to try. 


As for the fruition, during the birth of each book the ship’s wheel spins in my hands. I set those courses, lean into new winds, and learn as waves swamp and breeze grows fickle. All of the experience is real, and I’m prone to filling the air with blue clouds of frustrated cussing while deep in the learning curve, but with each book’s release I find fairer winds and seas more inclined to follow.

Readers, within this analogy you are those seas. Your eyes seek my book’s horizons, and each email, review, and conversation about what you discovered in the pages are buoys of continuance. 

Being an author is a privilege, but having invested readers is the joy within the work. For you, with sincere gratitude, I offer Pixie Prick: The Record, Book 4

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